Ayonix 3D Face Recognition in Axis P1367

CCTV MAG - Ayonix 3D facerecognition in Axis P1367 IP CCTV camera

Ayonix has embedded its 3D face recognition technology into Axis IP camera(Camera model: Axis P1367). Axis camera has ARM9 with 512MB ram. ARM9 is the most frequently used CPU for cameras and embedded devices. The ARM is highly chosen for embedded platforms because of its fast architecture as well as low … Continue reading

Surveon launches high scalability, cloud-ready NVR for multiple applications

CCTV MAG - new Surveon Cloud NVR

Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, has launched a new cloud NVR solutions which integrate Surveon NVR license with Infortrend’s cloud-integrated unified storage, EonStor GSe and GSe Pro Series, allowing partners to easily record and backup valuable data to the cloud. Aside from supporting iSCSI, NAS and JBOD expansion, … Continue reading

New domeless PTZ cameras from Hikvision with Deep Learning abilities

CCTV MAG - Hikvision Deeplearning PTZ camera series

Hikvision announced a new series of IP PTZ cameras series (DS-2DF6AxxxX-AEL) that applies innovation in a number of ways to improve the flexibility and reach of surveillance. The cameras are designed without a dome, reducing the distortion caused by reflection from a dome’s inner surface. Without this, a camera can … Continue reading

Dallmeier introduced HD IR IP CCTV camera

CCTV MAG - Dallmeier new IP CCTV camera

With the DF5210HD-DN/IR Dallmeier introduces a new high definition IR IP CCTV camera. The infrared camera has been developed with particular attention to changing lighting conditions for 24-hour video surveillance. The extremely high light sensitivity of the sensor (0.002 lux) and the sophisticated image processing ensure crisp colour images even … Continue reading

Senstar Introduced the Senstar LM100™ Intelligent Perimeter Lighting and Sensing Solution

CCTV MAG - Senstar perimeter protection and illumination

Senstar introduced its Senstar LM100, an intelligent perimeter lighting and sensing solution. Combining two key security functions in one cutting-edge product, the LM100 acts as a powerful deterrent against intruders, detecting and illuminating them at the fence line while alerting a security management system (SMS). “The Senstar LM100’s specially-engineered LED … Continue reading

Hikvision Launches Deep Learning Embedded NVR

CCTV MAG - Hikvision Deep Learning NVR

Hikvision launched its “DeepinMind Network Video Recorder (NVR)” — the world’s first (claimed by the manufacturer) embedded NVR benefiting from ‘Deep Learning’ functionality. This intelligent NVR effectively ‘learns’ to identify people captured by video surveillance cameras. The NVR will also learn to filter out false alarms that would have previously … Continue reading

New Geutebrück VCA in its IP CCTV cameras

CCTV MAG - Geutebrück VCA

Geutebrück is expanding its portfolio with camera-based Video Content Analysis (VCA). VCA reliably detects people, cars, trucks, animals, colours or behaviour patterns in moving images – by day or night. Items such as containers, pallets or packages can be accurately identified. The video motion detection in the camera is activated … Continue reading