Wavestore Upgrade Bundles for better TCO

Wavestore, the British developer of innovative open platform Video Management Software (VMS), has launched an Upgrade Bundles initiative.

CCTV MAG - Wavestore Bundle upgrade

Dell UltraSharp 27 (Model U2717D) 27-inch monitor.

Designed to eliminate reoccurring annual upgrade charges that are common place in the VMS market, the Upgrade Bundles initiative provides Wavestore’s Partners and end-users with the flexibility to upgrade Wavestore’s VMS at any time to take advantage of the latest features, integrations and functionality; all without being tied into often expensive reoccurring annual contacts or catch-up penalty charges.

Already offering free of charge technical support to its Partners, Wavestore is now is leading the way to change the industry’s approach to ongoing VMS software upgrades. Upgrade Bundles can be purchased in blocks of six successive in-version upgrades without any time limit imposed. This gives Wavestore Partners the opportunity to keep their systems up to date with the latest features, integrations and performance enhancements as they are introduced, without breaking the bank. Changing the market norm of a catch-up charge should there be a break in service, Upgrade Bundles can be purchased at any time without the need to back-fill any previously missed version upgrades.

“We are extremely proud of our VMS and there are many things that Wavestore offers that make us stand out from the crowd”, says James Smith, Managing Director of Wavestore Global, “We know that budgets are having to work harder than ever in today’s market, so we’re determined to continue to find ways of maximising our Partner’s investment into security solutions without compromising quality. We have one of the most active development programmes of any VMS and are regularly introducing new and enhanced features to our platform to deliver real-world benefits and ensure that our Partners remain  free to choose whichever devices they wish to use to create their total solution”

Source: Wavestore
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