40x zoom dome IP CCTV camera from Panasonic

CCTV MAG - Panasonic WV-X6531N IP CCTV camera

The outdoor, vandal-proof, Full-HD, PTZ IP CCTV camera (WV-X6531N) comes equipped with an x40 optical zoom, intelligent zoom stabiliser and intelligent analytics for vehicle incident detection. In addition, the latest cost-reducing technologies, including a combination of H.265 and smart coding technology, use smart algorithms to reduce the bandwidth of security … Continue reading

Organic CMOS from Panasonic for superb “D/N” functionality

CCTV-MAG - Panasonic organic CMOS

Panasonic Corporation announced that it has developed a new technology, electrical control of the near infrared (NIR) light sensitivity of the same pixel in an organic CMOS image sensor. The sensitivity of all the pixels in the image sensor, which has directly stacked organic films, is simultaneously controlled by changing … Continue reading

Panasonic’s Face Matching Pilot in Noordlease Stadium

CCTV MAG - Panasonic's face matching technology test

FC Groningen has started a season-long test project with Panasonic’s face matching technology in its Noordlease Stadium. (CCTV cameras + facial recognition software) The project comes as part of a wider initiative “Accessible, hospitable and safe football.” This initiative (rather a requirement – the Editor) assigned to the club by the Dutch … Continue reading

The new Panasonic rugged CCTV PTZ is available this month


Panasonic has announced the availability of the Aero-PTZ (WV-SUD638), its new robust PTZ CCTV camera. The WV-SUD638 debuted approx. a month ago and could be seen at Security Essen. According to the manufacturer’s announcement it will be available from October 2016. Aero-PTZ (WV-SUD638) provides Full HD 60fps imagery with a 30x optical zoom … Continue reading

Panasonic Expands Its CCTV Portfolio


New CCTV camera, recording and software platforms The i-PRO Extreme Platform: Available on Panasonic’s new line-up of cameras, recorders, and video management software (VMS) —providing a native end-to-end H.265 system. Key technology enhancements delivered by i-PRO Extreme include: 144dB Enhanced Super Dynamic Range, Color Night Vision; industry-standard H.265 compression, Smart … Continue reading