New Series of XVR To Support Full-channel AT & AF PoC Cameras from Dahua


Dahua Technology launched a new series of digital video recorders comprising XVR5104H-X-4P, XVR5108H-X-8P and XVR5216AN-X-16P, boasting stronger functions while saving a significant portion of wiring and power cost, thanks to the Dahua HDCVI-PoC technology that realises transmitting video/audio/power/data over one single coaxial cable. Dahua HDCVI PoC cameras come in two … Continue reading

Dahua launched mini PT/PTZ IP CCTV cameras

CCTV MAG - new DAHUA mini IP CCTV domes

Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, officially launched its mini PT/PTZ IR IP CCTV cameras, offering a broader suite of professional functions compacted into a smaller size, which makes it easier for instalment, night filming and visual detail capture.

Dahua 4K-HDCVI CCTV solutions are on the horizon

CCTV MAG - Dahua 4K

This year, Dahua Technology raise HDCVI into the 4K Era. Dahua 4K-HDCVI adopts 4K Ultra HD image acquisition and back-end DVR storage. HDCVI technology architecture overcame the common bottleneck of transmission bandwidth to achieve high-resolution video previously only available on IPC. Dahua delivers altogether six products to demonstrate this breakthrough, extending … Continue reading

Dahua Launches Multi-lens 180° Panoramic IP CCTV Camera

CCTV MAG - Dahua's Panoramic IP CCTV camera

Dahua introduced its Multi-lens 180-degree Panoramic IP CCTV Camera Dahua’s new multi-lens 180-degree Panoramic IP CCTV Camera – IPC-PFW8601-A180. The new camera provides an extension for the ability capturing wide area video surveillance. With real-time image splicing technology, the camera has three 2MP sensors working in tandem to create a comprehensive 180-degree … Continue reading

Dahua’s Penta-brid Video Recorder – XVR


Dahua Technology announced the launch of its XVR, a “Penta-brid” video recorder. Dahua XVR is an ideal one for all recorders which supports four mainstream analog camera types in the market as well as IP CCTV camera. It offers compatibility as well as storage flexibility. “Penta-brid” Dahua XVR is a … Continue reading