Bosch is turning robots into colleagues – workplace 4.0

CCTV MAG - Bosch Workpalce 4.0

Hannover – Gently, he grasps the metal part and passes it to his colleague. As he does so, he pays close attention to all her movements so he can stop before they bump into each other. Despite his height of 1.75 meters, his movements are effortless and careful, and he … Continue reading

New CCTV superpower will be born in 2017?

CCTV MAG - Bosch & SONY CCTV cooperation

Bosch Security Systems and Sony establish partnership for their CCTV business The two companies join forces by technically collaborating in the field of CCTV solutions. Sony’s experienced image quality combined with Bosch’s expertise in video analytics and bitrate management will benefit customers of both companies, claim the participants. Bosch Security Systems’ … Continue reading