New IP CCTV solutions from Milesight

A few new and interesting IP CCTV products appeared on Milesight’s porch. A new 12MP UHD 360° fisheye a brand new mini-dome and the latest version of Milesight’s CMS are on the horizon.


CCTV MAG - new IP CCTV solutions from Milesight

Milesight 12MP H.265+ Fisheye IP CCTV camera

Milesight has refined the fisheye camera for a long time to present a more satisfying one for customers, therefore the release of Milesight 12MP H.265+ Network Camera is inspiring for all concerned parts. Featuring with the most advanced technologies, this fisheye camera comes to the market as an extreme clarity image provider, an install-friendly one, and as a better choice among fisheye network camera products.

12MP Ultra High Definition & 360° Panoramic Experience

The 360° panoramic view experience is the key feature of this fisheye camera, which covers a complete view of a field and leaves no blind spot. The all-around surveillance ability equals to four regular network cameras and operates with higher efficiency. Moreover, with the help of ultra-high resolution of 12MP which is ahead of the most of fisheye network cameras in the market, the extreme clarity of de-warped images is guaranteed.

Smart IR II Technology & Exquisite Design

The Smart IR II Technology has been upgraded to provide videos with a viewing range of up to 15m. The advanced IR technology allows even IR light distribution in a different situation and the brightness can be adjusted manually. The body design of Milesight 12MP H.265+ Fisheye Network Camera insists on the Milesight design idea of neatness. The screw-free design, the Multiple-interface Cable and the power supply board keep the body neat.


New IR Mini Dome IP CCTV camera

CCTV MAG - new IP CCTV mini-dome camera from Milesight

Milesight unveils a brand new IR Mini Dome Network Camera  – available in White and Black – to enhance the performance and to bring an alternate user-experience. Inheriting Milesight unique design, the brand-new IR Mini Dome Network Camera looks exquisite, high-end and beautiful. Also equipped with Milesight unique technologies, this camera looks tiny but powerful.

H.265+ Codec

The new IR Mini Dome Network Camera is equipped with Milesight latest H.265+ which allows to cut down 70%~80% bandwidth compared with H.264 while ensuring the high quality of images. It is adjustable and allows users to set different bandwidth saving degrees under various circumstances, which tremendously minimizes the occupancy of bandwidth and maximizes the overall capability.

3-Axis Mechanical Design

New IR Mini Dome Camera features 3-axis mechanical design for fast and easy adjustment of the camera’s viewing angle. With 180° pan, 15-90° tilt and 360° roll, it is easy to precisely position the camera.

Smart IR II Technology

With the combination of the two High Beams and two Low Beams, the Smart IR II Technology allows the IR LEDs to reach the farther distance up to 20m. The IR intensity is adjustable to fit different lighting conditions in various specific viewing angles, which would guarantee the image quality to avoid the problem of overexposure and darkness. Moreover, with the IR anti-reflection panel, the infrared light transmittance is highly increased.

New Microphone

Upgraded the Microphone with a new codec, the microphone voice quality is much better than the previous one. Installing in the indoor places like classrooms, banks, airports, ect., the new IR Mini Dome Network Camera functions well in providing clearer sound.

Better Thermal Design

The base of the New IR Mini Dome Network Camera has been upgraded to better dissipate heat. The bulged strips enlarge the heat dissipating area and the specific material makes sure the heat dissipation.

Easy Installation

Aiming to make the installation easier, Milesight specially designs a press button. Just push the press button, the cover could be opened. And the exquisite cable-free design with built-in PoE port makes the connection a piece of cake. Also, there is a unique panel on the side of the cover, which can be moved out easily to let cable go through.


The new CMS firmware version of

Milesight Technology released new firmware version of their CMS. The version applies new coding structure which enhances greatly in stability and user experience. The improvements especially allow it to be better compatible with network camera, NVR and detailed user privacy.

New Features

1. Support to configure Image Enhancement for cameras and NVRs.
2. Support to configure Motion Detection of the cameras which added via NVR.
3. Support to set Patrol and Pattern for PTZ camera.
4. Support to check update of CMS version.
5. Support Alarm Pop-up Window.
6. Support other new features.


1. A New File icon to help choose file path conveniently.
2. Detailed user privacy for safer operation environment.
3. Support to verify password before configuring NVR channels.
4. Optimize other functions.

Bug Fixes

1. Fix the auto reboot problem when log-out.
2. Fix the problem that the channels could still play without permission after changing CMS users.
3. Fix the problem that sub monitor can still work after clicking the lock button.
4. Fix other bugs.

The new version of Milesight CMS is available clicking HERE.

Source: Milesight Technology Co.


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