New Hikvision NVR-s with 8TB capabilities

Hikvision released its new NVR (DS-9600NI-I8) capable of supporting 8TB hard disks. It delivers safe and stable storage over long periods of time, powerful decoding performance, and excellent compatibility.  It’s simple to support 8TB hard disks – you just need to upgrade the firmware. Later this year it will also support the latest version of Network Video Recorder – the 4.0, which includes a totally new GUI and more smart features.

CCTV MAG - Hikvision NVR 8TB

Armed with Hikvision’s unique H.265+ compression codec and 8 SATA storage capability, the NVR provides a longer-term storage solution. For example, 32ch 2MP IPC with H.265+ compression can support more than 90 days recording. The NVR supports RAID0/1/5/6 and has up to 8TB capacity for each HDD.

Dual NICs provides two isolated network interfaces, which makes it possible for end-users to deploy LAN & WAN surveillance according to their demands. They can also get a better remote live viewing/playback experience with dual stream recording, zero-channel live viewing and transcoding functions.

“The NVR can be used in multiple applications “, says a Hikvision Product Manager. “In fact, it’s recommended for any general security system which needs effective and safe storage.”

Source: Hikvision
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