New domeless PTZ cameras from Hikvision with Deep Learning abilities

Hikvision announced a new series of IP PTZ cameras series (DS-2DF6AxxxX-AEL) that applies innovation in a number of ways to improve the flexibility and reach of surveillance.
CCTV MAG - Hikvision Deeplearning PTZ camera series
The cameras are designed without a dome, reducing the distortion caused by reflection from a dome’s inner surface. Without this, a camera can deliver a much clearer picture, even at maximum quality usage at maximum zoom and at the highest resolution. Due to the application of innovative materials, the cameras still meet the IK10 international vandal-proof standard, a protection traditionally provided by the dome.

The ‘ball’ design of the series makes it impossible to see where the lens is pointing – so wrongdoers cannot avoid detection.

The tilt functionality on the camera also makes it more flexible in applications – it can tilt further than traditional cameras, see higher than the horizon (up to -20º). The series also boasts the only 4K PTZ that can reach 36x optical zoom.

Other features include:
– 2, 4 and 8 MP models
– 4K resolution
– Rapid Focus
– Support H.265 or H.265+
– Deep Learning algorithm, for enhanced perimeter detection & auto-tracking functions
– DarkFighter technology giving clear images in low-light environments
– Meets IP66 standard.

The series will come into its own in applications where it’s necessary to monitor the behaviour of people and vehicles, like city centres, airports, stations and perimeters. The Deep Learning algorithm makes the solution much more powerful, making identification accuracy far higher than in traditional solutions.

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