Avigilon Expands H4 SL IP CCTV camera series with 3 MP and Indoor Models


Avigilon announced the expansion of its H4 SL IP CCTV camera line with the addition of a 3 MP camera and indoor dome models.

CCTV MAG - New Avigilon H4 SL IP CCTV camera series

Built on the Avigilon H4 platform, the H4 SL IP CCTV camera line promises remarkable image quality with an innovative and modular design that is easy to install – the Company claims. The new H4 SL 3 MP camera provides customers with increased image detail and is designed for a broad range of lighting environments through its use of wide dynamic range, content adaptive infrared and patented Avigilon LightCatcher technologies. The new indoor dome models incorporate the same performance and installation features of the H4 SL outdoor domes while offering customers an even more attractive price point for indoor applications.

“The H4 SL is our easiest-to-install camera line, decreasing installation time up to 50 percent,” said James Henderson, Avigilon’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “Combined with exceptional reliability, image quality and greater bandwidth efficiency it provides great value and a low total cost of ownership for our customers.”

The new H4 SL models are immediately available to order and feature the recently launched Avigilon HDSM SmartCodec technology for bandwidth management.

Source: Avigilon


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