Latest version of Netavis VMS and its Data Warehouse sidekick

The new version of NETAVIS VMS and its Data Warehouse sidekick launched recently by the Hungarian developer NETAVIS Software GmbH.

CCTV MAG - NETAVIS VMS new version

NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse


NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse collects and stores data from diverse data sources, including iCAT Video Analytics, and transforms it into key performance indicators. At a glance, each user is provided with user-specifically tailored information for sound decision-making. All data can easily be compared and analysed for more profound business intelligence. Flexible system operations and diverse customisation options make sMart adaptable to various customer needs.

With sMart Data Warehouse 3.0, heat maps created by NETAVIS iCAT can be overlaid on floor plans, camera images, and other images of a location in sMart Dashboards, Data Analytics and Reports. Thus, customer frequencies and customers’ behaviours (count, stops, stopping time, speed) can be monitored and analysed intuitively. Furthermore, it is now possible to configure locations with multiple identical data types, e.g. for measuring customer frequencies in several areas within a single shop.


In order to provide more context for data and document, e.g. sales offers or construction works, it is now possible for authorised users to add comments to specific days or extended time periods in sMart.

The configuration and management of maps have been made more powerful and flexible. All spots on a map are now shown in a dedicated list. Spot configuration is shown below on the map itself, and spots can use uploaded images as their shape (e.g. directional arrows), allowing an even more precise visualisation of data such as frequencies at combined entrances/exits or within a shop’s aisles.

sMart Data Warehouse 3.0 also features various improvements on the system operations level. Missing or wrong data can now be corrected with average values previously collected by the malfunctioning sensor or by adjusting the compensation parameter for historical data, dashboards can be configured to auto-refresh every minute, and the system manager has been improved.

Check out the Online Demo of sMart Data Warehouse 3.0 as a demo user (English user: demo, German user: demo_de, password: demo)!

NETAVIS Observer 4.7 is now out in its second version 4.7.1!

Observer 4.7 focuses on extensive improvements to the system security and operations level, as well as process support for NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse through direct interfacing. NETAVIS Observer 4.7 furthermore includes a Dynamic Privacy Mask for improved privacy protection of customers and employees, the Automatic Camera Discovery and Mass Camera Import/Export, an iCAT Video Analytics Feature to detect traffic violations and a new custom event action to set up application-specific events in the rule administration.


Improved OS, application security and performance

NETAVIS Observer 4.7 is based on the updated bundled CentOS 6.9 operating system which provides improved hardware compatibility. Additionally, it contains many security improvements on the operating system and application level. More efficient use of hardware resources is enabled by improved memory management on the server and client. For operators, many system events concerning errors or potential issues, e.g. a camera not providing enough fps for reliable video analytics, were added. Finally, NETAVIS Observer 4.7 allows restoring of system backups from previous versions into current systems for improved system operations.


Automatic and manual data export to NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse and other systems

NETAVIS Observer 4.7 provides many new features for managing the data created by iCAT Video Analytics. Aside of a direct interface to sMart Data Warehouse, it also includes a new user interface for configuring the automatic export and upload of event statistics, events including their parameters, and heat maps to NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse and other 3rd party systems. Additionally, this data can also be manually exported into standard formats (CSV, HTML, JSON, XLS) for further processing.


Protecting peoples’ privacy dynamically

Dynamic Privacy Mask expands upon the original NETAVIS Privacy Mask to provide dynamic privacy protection for customers and employees. Within a freely definable area, all moving objects and people are detected and dynamically covered with a mask. Of course, this Dynamic Privacy Mask can also be scheduled to be active only during certain times of the day or be deactivated manually, e.g. via a panic button in case of an incident.


New iCAT Video Analytics Feature for traffic violations

CCTV MAG - NETAVIS VMS - red light violation

NETAVIS Observer 4.7 adds a new iCAT Video Analytics feature for traffic and transportation applications: Red Light Violation. It can detect when cars drive across a crossing, despite the traffic light had switched to red already. This feature allows municipalities and companies with large premises to identify and fine traffic violators.


Importing and exporting large numbers of cameras with a few clicks

The newly added Automatic Camera Discovery & Mass Camera Import/Export enables system integrators to quickly add any number of cameras to a NETAVIS Observer system. The desired basic camera configurations can be prepared directly in the camera discovery wizard or Excel, and then be imported. Similarly, it is possible to quickly export the camera configuration from an already running NETAVIS Observer system.


Using the new custom event action to set up application-specific events

Custom event types are known from SNAP APIs, and I/O XML configurations can now also be set up and used within the rule administration. These fully customizable event types can be used as actions triggered by the various trigger types. Besides custom event parameters, parameters from the triggering event can be inherited. This feature allows setting up context camera events, for example, a context camera linked to an I/O device or a camera for NPR scenarios which shows the driver instead of the plate plus NPR details like the recognised plate.

Source: NETAVIS Software GmbH
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