Netavis Obsever 4.8 is “on the air”!

With an innovative set of video management and video analytics enhancements and features, Observer 4.8 offers new highlights in addition to all previous functionalities: the new Mobile Client for access of multi-camera live views and archive recordings on all mobile devices, an extension of the license less mode, as well as the integration of Hella 3D sensors for high accuracy counting for complex safety and business applications. The new Zone Monitoring and Queue Length Detection allows users to improve the business process by monitoring zones and detecting queues.

CCTV MAG - Netavis 4.8 VMS


The integration of 3D sensors by HELLA Aglaia into NETAVIS Observer enables solutions for complex safety and business applications which cannot be realized with regular 2D video analytics technology. Examples are occupancy management at ticket-less events, customer frequency measurements in shops with low-ceiling heights, and zone monitoring applications (see below for details on the latter). 3D sensors can also use height information to distinguish between adults and children which can be useful information for businesses. The corresponding 3D sensor events can also be exported and processed like any other events. Zone Monitoring and Queue Length Detection are built on the newly introduced 3D sensor integration. It can automatically detect queues of people in front of checkout counters, or monitor the number of people in a zone, e.g. in front of a shelf. Upon reaching a pre-configured threshold, zone monitoring and queue line detection can create an event which can be used as a trigger for speaker announcements, informing staff to open an additional counter and other processes.


LICENSE-LESS MODE EXTENSION – evaluation mode on! 

The license-less mode has been significantly expanded and now allows users to work without any functional limitations for up to 30 days. This enables customers to try NETAVIS Observer without having to deal with licensing issues. It also facilitates the scheduling of an initial installation as the newly installed system can be fully configured without having to wait for the license key.


The Mobile Client brings freely-definable multi-camera live views and access to archive playback to mobile devices of all sizes. The integrated transcoding ensures that H.264, MPEG-4, and MxPEG live and archive streams are also available on all browsers and platforms. The Mobile Client replaces the previously available Client for Smartphone & Tablet as well as the Client for iPad.


NETAVIS Observer 4.8 is based on the latest CentOS 6.9 operating system which contains bug fixes and security improvements, including for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Stronger and futureproof encryption between servers and devices such as cameras is enabled by the newly introduced support of 4096 bit SSL certificates. To facilitate legal compliance with the EU’s upcoming GDPR laws, NETAVIS Observer 4.8 offers an option to only read the country/region of a number plate, rather than the full plate.


Source: Netavis GmbH
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