Milestone Systems is calling coders

Over USD 50,000 in prizes if you’re a coder and have the wit to oomph Milestone Systems

CCTV MAG - Milestone Systems competition

Milestone Systems is calling for coders and developers

Milestone Systems announced the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2017, an innovation contest that invites coders and developers from around the world to come up with an integration concept (as Milestone claims) that pushes the boundaries of video management.

OK, it’s hard to describe what is the function/core/element that could “push the limits.” Personally, I’d be interested in as well, because the contestants’ solutions must stay on the ground. I mean, the new “apps” must fit Milestone’s existing framework. Within this circumstances, what would be the eligible push?

The deadline for submission of your idea: November 30, 2016

The terms of the participation:

  1. Your idea or concept must be built on top of Milestone’s video management software and utilize the Milestone Integration Platform and the Software Development Kit (MIP SDK).
  2. The idea must enhance the use of video, extend the boundaries of physical security for a particular company, industry or vertical, or improve everyday life for Milestone customers. Maybe you know how to use Milestone software to improve golf scores. Or perhaps you can write a piece of code that increases security for the local jewelry shop. Whatever your idea, we want to hear from you.
  3. The winning submission can be a concept, new functionality to our platform, a widget or code.
  4. The idea must be commercially viable and technologically possible, given the current capabilities of the Milestone platform.
  5. To be eligible, the idea must be your intellectual property. You must submit it as an individual, not on behalf of a company or a group.

If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to get in-depth information.

So, if you’re a coder with knowledge of CCTV, VMS’ world, end-users attitude; nonetheless, you have enough free time to think a plan, here’s the chance to push your (financial) limits!  Good luck!

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