The well-known stranger – A.K.A. Grundig Security

Interview with Katerina Ryan about Grundig Security’s present and future

CCTV MAG - GRUNDIG interview

Katerina Ryan (Grundig; to the left) and László Szabó (LDSZ Ltd – Hungary; to the right)

SecuriForum – security and fire exhibition, Budapest – held at the end of September this year, where Security division of Grundig exposed their core product range. Katerina Ryan represented the company during the Show as the first task as Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

So, Katerina was here ensuring the best opportunity to have a brief interview, raising a few inquisitive questions focusing on Grundig’s plans for the near future.

Viktor Ollari: Please, tell me a few words about yourself first, mainly your professional background.

Katerina Ryan: I have approx. ten years of professional “history” in the security market, taking part of marketing brands like IQinVision (presently Vicon), Pivot3. It was a great opportunity to accept Grundig’s offer to be their Regional Sales Manager from 1/09/2016. It’s a short time since my debut, but I experience the same high-level resilience and customer focused attitude which I always intend to attain in my professional life.

V.O.: Grundig enhanced its CCTV portfolio/product line intensively in the last 1-2 years (HD-TVI, 4K, fisheye) what’s next in the close future?

K.R.: We will stay on the track of the portfolio enhancements. These improvements will comprise all of our three product lines: Connect Line, Professional Line, and Top Line. For example, we will upgrade our IP Top Line and implement the newest back-illuminated pixel technology Sensor from Sony – the STARVIS range. With this, we can reach a higher sensitive, a better color reproduction and real WDR.

CCTV MAG - Grundig GCI-K1527V-1

Grundig GCI-K1527V-1

Moreover, we will introduce a new mechanic system for the AV Dome. With this new mechanism, it is possible to get more space for connectors inside of the camera housing. It is designed especially for big network connectors. With this mechanism also comes the side benefit of a very easy installation thanks to the removable camera part from the housing. No additional connection box is needed.


We also plan to increase the IRLED distance up to 50m for the AV dome and tube camera with High Power (Extreme LEDs).


CCTV MAG - Grundig GCI-R1667f

Grundig GCI-R1667f

We will introduce a new Fisheye Dome camera as well. This AV Fisheye Dome camera will have 12MP.

Another new aspect is that we will equip some camera models with a video analytics function to support the customer to get only the very relevant information and alarms they need from their surveillance activities.

The product portfolio of the IP Professional Line will be extended with two more products. Two 3MP PTZ cameras will be released soon. One of those will also come with IR LED.

There will also be an upgrade in the IP Connect line. Here, we come up with a new 4MP IP camera featuring built-in IR LED, motorised Vario lens, video analytics, and true WDR.

In the product portfolio of TVI, we will introduce a new TVI IR PTZ camera as well as new models Vario lens.

V.O. There is 4K HD-TVI technology on the market already. Is there any plan to involve it into your product line?

K.R.: It is an exciting development for the market. For sure, we have an eye on new trends and do analyses if a trend or development might also be relevant for our customers and us. At the time being 4K HD-TVI is not available for real time surveillance. From our point of view recording and display still need to be improved for this technology. But we keep observing the developments of this technology.

V.O.: There are whispers according to IP CCTV camera’s vulnerability; they can be hacked easily via the internet. What is Grundig’s answer/scenario for these issues?

K.R.: Our cameras have several levels of protection e.g. User/Password, https, IP filter, Radius filter IEEE802.1x. We recommend to use these features and give particular advice to installers to follow these recommendations.

V.O.: Will there be any change in Grundig’s sales/marketing policy?

K.R.: The recent H1 report showed that we perform at a very healthy level and the outlook is predicted formidable as well. So the current marketing activity is appropriate for the current situation.

But of course, the aim and also one of our core values is to stick with state of the art and also set new standards in the market by ourselves. That’s why we strive for continuous improvement – also in our sales and marketing policy.

V.O.: Name the main asset of Grundig that delivers the primary value to customers/end-users?

K.R.: The core value for our customers is created by the mix of our core values: Innovative technologies, excellent design, high quality and ease of use. It is hard to sum this up in one word. But I think the word that reflects this multilayered value the best is ‘reliability.’

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