Budapest is back on the security fair map


Budapest is back on the map as host of remarkable security fair after 12 years.

You might say it’s just nine years if you are familiar with the Hungarian security shows. You are right, but the last noticeable Security&Safety Expo (R.I.P – 2007) was in 2004.

SecuriForum held on 15 & 16/09/2016, and it was astonishing! Maybe the market’s hunger for a splendid expo (hinted with a cup of nostalgy) caused but both open days were a great success according to the number of the visitors.

I wouldn’t write a detailed article for the reason the main trends covered the exhibited products, I mean from the professional (technology) perspective. More than 50 exhibitors were interested, plus 50 seminars enriched the show.

There was a tiny portion of fire solutions and GSM/GPRS comm, some access products (including biometrics) and a few intruder alarm systems with some extras (e.g. fence detection). Approx. 90 percent CCTV, mainly the IP version (and some flashes of AHD and HD-TVI) with recording and analytics solutions. I loved them but – personally – I missed the “earth-shaking” novelties. Probably, they are for Essen. 🙁

There were some new(ish) Hungarian inventions those caught my eyes and mind. First of all, T.E.L.L.’s GSM based automation/comm tool (GSM Gate Control Pro). It’s a small GSM comm/remote “gadget,” but its keynote (besides the “ordinary” functions like gate/barrier control) is the ONVIF IP camera support. Gate Control Pro can send images of your IP cam to your smartphone via 3G based IP connection.

The other charming thing was a simple but mysterious EAS solution called Discreet EAS. You can see a banner/poster on the left side of the booth. ‘It’s an invisible EAS’ – the developer claims on it. Telling the truth, none could saw it the first time, as the developer said. Neither did I. 🙂

Discreet EAS

If you can find the EAS equipment on the photo write it in a comment, please! No, it’s not the young Lady in white! 😉

Most of the largest brands (e.g. Axis, Canon, Grundig, Hanwha/Samsung, Hikvision) were exhibited by the Hungarian distributors mostly. Fortunately, some manufacturers (Dahua, Honeywell) exposed themselves personally. Dahua was a great surprise with their sizable booth.


he bottleneck is, I would like to thank SecuriForum staff for the exquisite experience!

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