Axis’ laser focus technology for PTZ CCTV cameras


AXIS Q6155e

Conventional PTZ CCTV cameras may take longer to autofocus when lighting conditions are challenging such as at dusk or dawn. AXIS Q6155-E PTZ Dome Network Camera features a built-in laser that measures the distance between the camera and the object of interest. This allows the camera to focus much faster and to greater accuracy, capturing clear images at all times.

Axis Communications introduced AXIS Q6155-E PTZ Dome Network Camera with laser focus, offering much quicker and more accurate autofocus even in the most challenging lighting conditions. The new laser focus technology combined with the high image quality that AXIS Q6155-E provides is valuable in situations when people or objects need to be identified quickly and precisely.

AXIS Q6155-E features Sharpdome, a technology which allows for monitoring of objects as much as 20° above the camera horizon. The camera offers HDTV 1080p resolution and 30x optical zoom. This high-end camera brings sharp images even when weather or lighting conditions are challenging thanks to its laser focus, a new and improved sensor, Axis’ Lightfinder technology and Axis’ Speed Dry function.

AXIS Q6155-E is ideal for city and perimeter surveillance, critical infrastructure, transportation, education, industrial and government installations. Its sleek design, compact size, and re-paintable casing allow the camera to blend in with its surroundings. It offers quick and precise pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and remarkable scene fidelity at all angles of view.

Axis’ Zipstream technology lowers bandwidth and storage requirements while keeping necessary forensic details.

AXIS Q6155-E is planned to be available in Q4 2016 through Axis distribution channels.

Source: Axis Communications
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