Avigilon and its Self-Learning Video Analytics

CCTV MAG - AAS AI in Avigilon's new VMS - Video Analytics

Avigilon previewed the new Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (“UMD”) Video Analytics technology at ISC West 2017. UMD is an advanced artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology that brings a new level of automation to surveillance. This technology is designed to continuously learn what typical activity in the scene looks like and focus the operator’s attention on atypical events needing further investigation.

By continuously learning, UMD is able to automatically detect unusual events, such as a vehicle moving in the wrong direction on a road, or a crowd running in panic in a public space. This technology enables users to quickly search through volumes of recorded footage with ease, revealing events that might have otherwise been missed.

“A critical mass has been reached in the volume of video data captured today and the limits of human attention,” said Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi, Avigilon’s Chief Technology Officer. “Through the power of AI, we continue to develop technology that better focuses human attention to what matters most in order to dramatically increase the effectiveness of security systems.”

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