Avigilon Introduces HDSM SmartCodec Technology for Bandwidth Management

New HDSM technology dramatically reduces camera bandwidth, maintains exceptional image quality and lowers storage requirements  – According to Avigilon

cctv mag - avigilon hdsm

HDSM SmartCodec technology automatically detects activity levels in multiple regions of a scene to optimise compression levels, and reduce bandwidth and storage consumption, all while maintaining high image detail of the areas that matter most. As a result, when activated HDSM SmartCodec technology can reduce bandwidth by up to 50 percent compared to standard H.264 compression, the Company claims.

“With HDSM SmartCodec technology, customers can significantly reduce bandwidth and storage needs, without sacrificing important image detail,” said James Henderson, Avigilon’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “Combined with Avigilon Idle Scene Mode and patented High Definition Stream Management technologies, Avigilon provides exceptional bandwidth management across the entire system, from camera to server to client.”

All new H4A, H4 ES, H4 PTZ and H4 SL cameras include HDSM SmartCodec technology, and a free firmware download is available for previously installed cameras. The remaining H4 camera lines will integrate HDSM SmartCodec technology over the coming months.

Source: Avigilon
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