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A short story about a summit of the Demanding Customer and the Professional CCTV

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )

Leaving out the politics – due to its ambiguous nature – let us choose an example from the ordinary life. Imagine the situation when a Lady/Gentleman does not want to buy a Ferrari for the price of a Fiat Panda. Nonetheless, she/he is not keen on keen on throwing out her/his fortune out of the window for a Lamborghini rather chooses exactly the brand that offers the right services/specs at the best price/value ratio. In our case – as the title made it obvious – the Kecskemeti Konzerv Kft. (the leading Hungarian canned food producer) is the Demanding Customer; Cathexis/Milesight duo – extended by some IT network products – is the right choice for the Customer’s (in this case we might say: more than) security / CCTV needs.

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight ) warehouse

The foundation of tinned food manufacturing in Kecskemet was laid in 1900 by Eugen J. Dieffenbach, who came to Kecskemet from Bozen (South-Tirol). The Plant survived the turmoils of the 20th century and was purchased by Kecskemeti Konzerv Ltd. The factory is situated on a 6,5 acres estate on the edge of the City. The size of the canning plant and the packaging warehouses is about 2,5 acres.
The Kecskeméti Konzerv Ltd. implemented a 1,89 Billion HUF (6M EUR) worth capacity extender investment in 2017. As a part of the investment, to protect their assets and to launch some process control, they had their existing CCTV system expanded with 60 IP CCTV cameras and a new VMS. 75+ cameras were handled by the heart of the new IP CCTV system (Cathexis Professional VMS) at the deliverance of the project. According to Sandor Tomolak, Project Manager of the installer company (LDSZ Ltd.), more cameras will be installed in the following months.

Cathexis + Milesight “Toyotas” of the CCTV world

Why are these brands equivalents of Toyota in the CCTV world? Mostly, they’re committed to providing solutions with high functional quality. Their products stability and services could be subject to envy within the security industry. My personal experience is that the Cathexis Professional VMS can be one of the etalons of versatility, fast and simple installation, not to mention its overall comfy usability. The Milesight IP CCTV cameras offer plenty of advantages to the end-user, but admittedly Milesight equipment have a tremendous number of tiny solutions (“surprises”) which make the installer’s/integrator’s tasks much easier. It’s futile to write about the image/video quality of Milesight’s cameras; it must be seen!

A few facts about the Kecskemeti Konzerv Video Surveillance Project

Let’s see some revealing facts about the physical extension of the project. The redundant optical backbone network consumed more than 1 kilometres of fibre cables and 3 kilometres of UTP/FTP cables. The redundant structure of the optical backbone network ensures failover data flow. If one direction is down, the system automatically redirects the data route towards the opposite direction.

Cathexis VMS – simply professional

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )

The South-African Cathexis’ VMS solutions are known for their endeavour to offer the utmost assistance to users’ and installers’ operations in the most effective but simplest way. Probably it’s not an exaggeration to state that this VMS family requires the least hardware resources at the time of writing this article. Forgive my enthusiasm, but my personal experiences verify that to install, adjust and use Cathexis is extremely quick and intuitive. The easy upgradeability is the other advantage of Cathexis’ VMS, meaning it’s evolving/developing with the needs of the Customers.

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )
The ability to handle „only” 150 cameras and to serve ten viewers simultaneously distinguish CathexisVision Professional from its „brothers”. The rest of the Professional’s services are mostly the same as its „big brother’s” (PREMIUM).
The Security Manager of Kecskemeti Konzerv Ltd highlighted – based on his short practical experience – the advantage of the VMS’s intelligent search function. Thanks to this feature, it’s become surprisingly fast and easy to „surf” within the archive. „Instead of looking through vast amounts of video feeds, we can mark a certain part of a camera’s scene and set what kind of content change (e.g. motion) we’re looking for; the system creates the list of clips – containing the (presumably) suspected persons/objects – automatically afterwards.

Milesight – the „seven-league boots” of CCTV

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )

As it was mentioned by the product manager of the Hungarian representative of the brand, ensuring exactly the right answer (on a competitive price) for the needs of the end-user, not to mention the installers, is the core advantage of Milesight. According to the Kecskemeti Konzerv project, the procurer had an exact and distinct idea of what and how they want to monitor their property. The Milesight’s solutions were evident suggestions from the part of the assigned installer. On the one hand, Milesight’s products perfectly corresponded to the Company’s (Kecskemeti Konzerv) demands, On the other hand, Milesight’s products have tiny but useful features, and those could reduce installation time with 15-20 percent. The impressive video quality – acknowledged by the procurer – was just a bonus.

The Kecskemeti Konzerv Ltd is amongst those end-users who give exact demands to the installer, instead of the ordinary „I want to see everything” attitude. The rare approach of the customer is the reason for the appearance of Milesight’s 12 MP Fisheye and the world’s smallest IP PTZ camera in the project. The manufacturer’s 5MP tube cameras and vandal-proof domes (with PoE, 0.006 lux, H.265, S-WDR, ONVIF, Starlight, etc. functions) ensured the basic overview function.

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )

Milesight Mini PoE PTZ – the tiny „beast”

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )
The task of Milesight’s Mini PoE PTZs (in this project) is to monitor the main routes and truck docks of Kecskemeti Konzerv’s plant. The Milesight Mini PoE PTZ used in this job – as its name reveals it – is a 5MP PTZ camera with 12x optical ZOOM function. Although the white LED illuminator of the camera was not the priority, the SMART IR II LEDs do useful service – according to the company’s security manager. In case of SMART IR II function, the brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted manually or automatically by the zoom ratio to avoid data/evidence loss caused be overexposure and/or darkness. It’s worth to mention the camera’s endless 360° pan and 75° tilt; the 255 preset positions and eight tours. The unique structure of the camera results in a waterproof and air permeable performance to reduce fogging, condensation, eliminate moisture – a perfect outdoor solution.

Where only ZOOM function was needed in the Kecskemeti Konzerv project the Milesight 4MP, 4x optical ZOOM IP CCTV tube cameras were installed.





Milesight Fisheye – more than security

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )

As I mentioned, there were extra issues – over basic CCTV purposes – in the Kecskemeti Konzerv project. In the shop floors, more precisely above the (locally developed) Hunister sterilisers, the Milesight 12 MP 360 ° Fisheye vandal-proof panorama dome cameras (S-WDR, IR LED, H.264, H.265, ONVIF, PoE) were installed. The Milesight’s Fisheye cameras have production control tasks above being part of the property protection issues. It’s worth mentioning briefly about these tiny things (they’re really small) that they are fit not only in shop floors but even in the most distinguished homes/ hotels/office buildings / retail units.

CCTV MAG - Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project ( Cathexis - Milesight )






Their small size, stylish “screwless” design offer almost unnoticeable surveillance. Naturally, in the Kecskemeti Konzerv project, these features were the least impressive ones. Although, the IP67 / IK09 protection, extreme overview and excellent image quality were issues. Milesight Fisheye IP CCTV cameras can dewarp the primary panorama(360°) image, but – in this project – the Cathexis’ VMS carries out this task.




To be continued

Although, most of the Kecskemeti Konzerv project has been completed a Milesight (so-called) box camera – integrated into a special housing – will be installed soon. The special housing is needed to protect the camera in a permanently hot(60 ° C) and humid environment, where the most challenging issue is the continuous moisture condensation.

Here I finish the brief story of Kecskemeti Konzerv CCTV project (starring: Milesight and Cathexis). As there’ll be noteworthy expansions, improvements you’ll be informed about those as well in due time.

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