2017 IP CCTV trends – according to Dr Martin Gren

Call me biased, but this is the first “2017 ( IP CCTV ) trends” description I can agree with. I mean the most of it.


This is an excerpt from a podcast interview of Axis co-founder Dr Martin Gren, who was asked about important trends he sees in the security industry in 2017.


The IP CCTV cameras are IP-based, intelligent network node. There’ve been attacks those were initiated through network cameras. They were configured with a standard hard-coded root password and put on the open internet.

“What is very important is that video camera is a network node and you have to apply the same security measures as any other IT security device. The very most basic requirement is the need to assign proper passwords and not have device that has a hard-coded root password. Then you need to look at ways to ring fence it, a very common procedure in IT departments. Having an open port for remote log-in is not typically a good idea, for example, but if you need it you should have it – but have different passwords! If it’s a high-security environment, you should consider 802.1x; it’s cumbersome but adds an extra layer of security. So, I would say cyber security – the threat of hacks and how to prevent hem – is clearly the Number 1 trend of 2017.”

Know what type of device you have!

At corporate IT, it’s common practice to approve and disapprove of certain vendors and software. The same should go for video surveillance equipment. According to OEM devices — the original vendors may not have the same security measures as the logo owner has.

IoT and the Internet of Security Things – deterring criminal activities

In the US, according to a report, 75% of all illegal activities terminates if people know they are being watched.

“How do they know they are being watched? It can be as simple as putting up a network horn speaker. You can tell them to go away. It’s excellent for a school environment where people come at night and dwell or paint graffiti or start fires. If you can just scream at them “Hey we see you! Go away!” It’s such an easy thing to do.”

Smart codecs and compression

Smart codecs and smart compression will be kept in focus. People are eager and deploying higher and higher resolution IP CCTV cameras. The age of 4K is on our porch.  4K is useless without smart compression because it generates too many data.

Source and full text: Axis Communications

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